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30 Jan 2019

IGEM-inar Seminar

TAB in collaboration with IG presents to you iGEM-inar, a seminar on iGEM -The International Genetically Engineered Machine..
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22-25 Jan 2019

Sports Week

Mock Paper Presentation The Technical Association of Biotechnology is here to present to you its very own Sports Week, exclusively for the Department of Biotechnology. This time around, we make it bigger and better for all of you...   See more..

16 Jan 2019


Hola! Biobizz Event
Bored in the Pongal break? Don't worry, because TAB has brought to you a fun-filled online series of games/puzzles with exciting goodies for the winners!
Get ready to join BIOBIZZ and participate in different challenges.
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28 Jan 2019 UPCOMING

Mock Paper Presentation

Mock Paper Presentation "Research is to see what everyone has seen and to think what nobody else has thought." Have you ever come across a research project that blew your mind or left you awed? How about if we give you a chance to present those papers and win prizes in the process.   See more..

09 Dec 2018

Life Through The Lens

Winners are
  1. Pratyusha Desham
  2. Krishna Teja
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30 Nov 2018

Resume Making Using LaTex Overleaf

A LaTeX workshop was conducted by the Technical Association of Biotechnology on 21st November 2018. Pragya Kumari, the speaker for the evening, briefed the attendees about essentials that one has to include in a resume/CV.   See more..

18 Nov 2018

Kanten Craft

Life has a certain fascination that we all feel at some point in our lives. Last Sunday, a bunch of creative and enthusiastic students took part in the event - Kanten Craft, organised by the Technical Association of Biotechnology. It involved drawing sketches but not with paints or colors but with living bacteria.

Winners are

  1. Idoro 3
  2. Smash
  3. Sultans of Agar
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22-30 Oct 2018

T-Shirt designing competition

The Technical Association of Biotechnology held their T-shirt designing online competition this past week. It was open to all branches for all the designers there and saw participation from them.

Winner : Sagar Dabherao   See More...

30 Oct 2018


The Biotech Freshers’ conducted last Monday on 29th October started off with their introduction as they shared their hometowns and hobbies. Doing away with the boring aptitude tests, this Freshers’ event jumped right off into the fun filled activities.
  • Mr.Biotech Snehdeep
  • Ms.Biotech Srivardhini
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26 Oct 2018

Internship Talk

An interactive talk was conducted exclusively for the first and second years to give them a brief insight on various intership opportunities available in both research as well as non research fields. "Expert in everything was once a beginner" With this fervour, the Technical Association of Biotechnology opened its doors for a multi-disciplined internship talk. From aspiring research geeks to savvy coders to corporate tycoons See More...

25 Oct 2018


The 13th edition of TAB started with inauguration in presence of our esteemed Chief Guest Dr.Ashok Reddy, the Guest of Honour Dr.K.V. Jayakumar and Dean of Student Welfare Dr.L.Ramgopal Reddy See More...

15-21 Oct 2018

Rebus Challenge

An online picture based quiz was conducted,putting forward a seires of challenging questions to test students the knowledge of their core subjects.

  1. Srivardhini
  2. Trishank
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11 Oct 2018


"Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose" -Zora Neale Hurston With this zeal the technological association of biotechnology organized a seminar on, internships in abroad on 11th of October, from 5pm -6pm .The prime objective of the event was to encourage students to undertake research as a career option See More...